Romans 6

THESIS: The purpose of this sermon is to show the Christian his true relationship to sin.


A.The prayer for “forgiveness of sins” has two aspects:

  1. Go to the non-Christian, “What is the difference?”

  2. Go to the erring Christian, “What is the difference?”

B.To see the difference in the Christian and the non-Christian’s prayer is to see three things.

  1. To see the difference is to encourage one to live the Christian life.

    1. Many have the attitude, “I don’t think I can live it.”

    2. Christian confidence is needed (Heb 10:35,36).

  2. To see the difference is to assure the erring Christian that he can live the Christian life and to bring hope to him.

  3. To see the difference is to inspire God’s people with hope (Rom 8:24).

C. The Christian’s relationship to sin is a real problem.

1. There are different views concerning the problem.

a.  Jude 4.

b.  1 John 3:9, “Direct operation of the Holy Spirit, inborn sin removed.”

c.  “Will not” (cf. 1 Jn 1:7-ff; 2:1).

d.  Some Christians tritely say: “I do hope to go to heaven. . .”

D.  Romans 1:16,17.

1. Salvation is the delivery from the spiritual consequences of sin!

2. Romans 3:23.

3. What is the relationship of the Christian to sin?

4. The truth centers around four words in Romans 6. 


I. The truth centers around the word KNOW (Rom 6:1-7).Anchor

A.   Christians have been baptized into Christ’s death.

1.   Colossians 2:12 - when one is baptized it is the operation of God.

2.   Romans 5:6-9.

                 a.   They are “justified” by blood!

                 b.   When are they justified? - Then! (Rom 6:17,18).

3.   They are raised to walk in newness of life.

  B.  When one is baptized the “old man is crucified.”

1.  A person is no longer controlled by sin! (8:1-3).

2.  He is enabled to serve!

3.  He is free from sin! (8:1-3).

  1. The truth centers around the word RECKON (Rom 6:11).

A.   To “reckon” is to “count as fact, consider as true.”

B.   Knowledge precedes reckoning.

C.   According to 2 Corinthians 5:17 Christians are “dead to sin.”

D.   Why?

1.  People try to get you to think you are not.

2.  You fail to accept responsibility.

3.  You do not worry about forgiveness.

  E. 2 Peter 1:19.

III.     The truth centers around the word REIGN.

          A.   “Reign” means the supreme power, authority or rule of someone, rule                    of a tyrant!

          B.    Some are reigned or ruled over because they obey lusts!

1.  James 1:13-16.

a. Robert Burns once wrote,“Thou knowest thou hast formed me, with passions   wild and strong and listening to their witching voices has often led me   wrong.”

b. Are they made susceptible to sin or is sin made attractive?

2.   Those dead in sins fulfill the desires of the flesh and mind.

         C. If one repents, he turns from the reign of sin.

IV.    The truth centers around the word YIELD.

A.    To “yield” is to submit, surrender or cease opposition.

B.    It is to fail to have dominion or power to govern and control.


A. Matthew 1:21 states that Jesus shall save people from their sins, not in their sins.

1.  He saves them from the consequences of sin.

2.  He saves them from the power of sin, or the law of sin (Rom 8).

B.  Motivation: 6:21-23.

C.  “What if you have vile thoughts of eternity just prior to death?” (Jude 23,24).

D.  Heaven is not gained by a single bound,

But we build a ladder on which we rise from the lowly earth to the vaulted skies;

And we mount to its summit round by round.



  • Christ has no hands  but our hands To do His work today;

  • He has no feet but our feet, To lead men in His way!

  • He has no tongue but our tongue To tell men how He died;

  • He has no help but our help To bring them to His side.

  • We are the only Bible The careless world will read;                     

  • We are the sinner’s gospel, We are the scoffer’s creed.

  • We are the Lord’s last message Given in deed and word;

  • What if the line is crooked? What if the type is blurred?

  • What if our hands are busy With work other than His?

  • What if our feet are walking ​​​​​​​Where sin’s allurement is??

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