ACTS TEST #1 ON 1:1 - 8:4 

Read chapters (one through eight verse four!) 

The number of points for each question is indicated in parentheses after the question number.  
The total number of points is 100. 
1. (3) Give the approximate date for the writing of Acts. 
2. (3) Who was the human agent whom God used to reveal Acts and give two reasons to support your answer. 
3. (3) Give three purposes of the book of Acts. 
4. (3) Give three reasons why the book of Acts is such an important one. 
5. (10) Give the basic outline of the book through Chapter 7:60. 
6. (3) Give three brief reasons why there is no such thing as "apostolic succession". 
7. (3) How do we know that the promise of the baptism of the Holy Spirit was given only to the apostles? 
8. (3) What were the qualifications for apostleship mentioned in Chapter one? 
9. (3) How do we know that only the apostles received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Chapter two? 
10. (5) Contrast Holy Spirit baptism with baptism in water. 
11. (5) What does the phrase, "the last days" mean in 2:17? 
12. (5) Explain what it means to "call upon the name of the Lord". 
13. (3) According to Chapter two, what future event was God foretelling when He promised one to sit on David's throne? 
14. (3) Give a brief definition of repentance, including what it is based upon and what it leads to. 
15. a. (3) What did the inspired apostle Peter tell believers who were sorry for their sins to do (2:38)? 
b. (3) What was the purpose of their taking those actions (2:38)? 
c. (3) How did the Holy Spirit create faith in the hearts of those people on the day of Pentecost (2:37)? 
16. (3) Whose faith was expressed in the miraculous healing of the lame man? 
17. (3) How did Stephen and Philip receive the power to work miracles in Chapter 6? 
18. (3) Give three of the charges against Stephen. 
19. (3) What was the result of the general persecution against the church after Stephen's death? 
20. (3) Give three brief reasons why the benevolence shown by brethren to each other in 2:44,45 and 4:32ff was not communism. 
21. Briefly discuss the following: 
      a. (3) Sadducees - 
      b. (3) Sanhedrin -       
      c. (3) Witness - 
      d. (3) Tongues - 
      e. (3) Christ - 
      f. (3) Mathias - 
      g. (3) Theophilus -